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Infinite Lands
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Infinite Lands is a campaign setting in the process of being created.  This site will be updated from time to time (hopefully daily), with new things of my own creation or from submissions from readers like you!  Okay, that was corny, sorry.  But you get the point.

The Infinite Lands are places of wonders, of glory, and of adventure.  All types of people live within its border, desert people, barbarian tribes, sophisticated types, jungle dwellers, mountain dwarves, sea elves, almost anything imaginable.  Rich cultures and detailed histories set this setting apart from most other home-grown campaign worlds, and the process of making this world will be never ending. 
Although the Infinite Lands is intended to be used with the Dungeons and Dragons, 3rd/3.5 Edition rules, it can be modified easily and used with any fantasy role-playing game.  Feel free to look over and use what you will from this world, but do recognize the copyright and please do not call these things your own. 

Got an idea?  Think it would go well with Infinite Lands?  Send it here.  I'll look at it and speak with you about it, and it probably will end up here, on this website.  I'm always open to submissions!

Like what you see?  Well, as of now, you can meet the authors!

Quote of the Week
"You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new west. You know... morons." ~ Jim, Blazing Saddles

Finally put up our very first prestige class, the Psionic Thief by Ryan.  Sorry for the wait.

Sorry for the wait, people... anyway, added a new country by Fro, The Kingdom of Cheln

Added a monster of my own creation, and updated the contributor's page a little.

Added the Flora and Fauna section, along with a bunch of Herbs and Plants done exclusively by Fro.  Also deleted that annoying chatroom that nobody ever used.

Added Boltog, the god of Giants, and Blades of Paralysis, a new magic weapon, both by Mitchell.

Added a Quote Vault, and made it and the Meet the contributors page accessible from the sidebar.

Sorry for the delay, everyone.  Fixed a few grammer errors around the site, and, since I didn't get a quote in yesterday, I put up two.  I'm in the process of putting up several prestige classes, but at the moment I'm swamped with stuff, and it might be a few days (sorry Alex, Fro, and Ryan!)

Kept up with my promise and added another quote, and finally put up Mitchell's the Sands of Time.

Changed the wording on the homepage a bit, and added a new feature, the Quote of the Day

WOW!  First update of the new year!  Anyway, fixed a few minor spelling/grammer mistakes, and added The Borderlands of Banlon, another country by Christian!

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