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Infinite Lands


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"Boltog, give me the power to crush dwarven sculls!"
~ Prayer to Boltog
Lesser god
Portfolio:  Giants
Symbol:  Boulder made of dwarven skulls
Alignment:  Chaotic Evil
Nicknames:  Dwarf Crusher
Worshippers:  Giants
Domains:  Evil, Strength, War
Favored Weapon:  Great Club
Boltog, like his worshippers, is a savage.  He refuses contact with the other dieties, and proclaims himself as the strongest of them all.  His worshippers vie for recognition from Boltog by offering the greatest sacrafices, mostly of  dwarves.
Boltog recently challenged Tros to a duel to find out who is strongest, and, ever since, the worshippers of the two dieties have been locked into an all-out war.  Rumor has it that Tros accepted, and the two dieties would duel on a battlefield as their factions fought.
Boltog is seen as a huge storm giant weilding an huge great club, with a crown of dwarven skulls.

By Mitchell Harris