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Infinite Lands
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This is a list of all of the contributors to Infinite Lands.  It lists all of the people who helped out, whether by writing something.... or... something else.

Christian Winfield (Fro):  Fro is a very... uh... talented writer.  He's helped out with several dieties, and done all of the countries so far on the site.
Mitchell Harris (Mormon):  Mitchell specializes in dealing with equiptment (magic items, weapons, etc.).  He's created several things, including a couple of magic items, and a diety.
Ryan Friend:  Ryan is a very creative person who likes psionics.  He's done most of two dieties, and a few prestige classes that have yet to be put up on the site.
Aaron Larson:  Loves to draw weapons.  He's pretty good at it, too, most of the time :)  Nothing up on the site as of yet, but I have one of his drawings which will soon (once I get access to a scanner) be up.
Alex Matthews:  Another talented writer who has a good sense of game balance (not that the others don't, just didn't have anything else to say about him).  He has written a country of gnomes, several dieties, and a prestige class that have yet be added to the site
Max Glenn:  Hasn't actually written up anything for the site, but is always there when I'm stuck.  He always has a very creative way to get around road blocks.  Been a big help.
John Kirk:  Last (and hopefully not least), me.  I've created this site, updated it as soon as possible, written several of the dieties, the one original spell on this site (Barrier Blink), and created all of the maps. 
That's it so far.  I'm always open to submissions, so, if you think you have an idea, send it to me!

Written by John Kirk