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Infinite Lands
Herbs and Plants


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Galnip:  Galnip is a cooking herb usually found within a mile of a water source as large as a pond.  The herb itself is about 2 inches long, and has light, feathery, green leaves/branches.  It smells horrible, but when boiled in water, or cooked with food, it gives off a light pleasant smell.  When eaten, it gives the taste slightly more flavor.  It gives a more vegetable fresh taste, as opposed to a hard meat taste.  This herb is fairly common, and is applied to any meat or soup.

Cost: 1cp


Branswoop:  Branswoop is dark, blood red herb, often thought to be poisonous by travelers, it is avoided.  The herb itself is 1/2 in. tall, and has a single leaf sticking out at the top.  It smells like cinnamon.  It is usually found near large areas of rock that have lodged themselves in the ground.  Branswoop can be eaten raw, but the taste is that of a heavy dose of cinnamon, and so most people can't handle it.  It is usually added to soups that have no meat or vegetables to add some kick and dull down the taste of the herb at the same time.  It is also used in dull wines, when the flavor is not too different.  And finally, it is used in water, and is sold in a variety of places where people soon find themselves buying up the delicious water.  The herb is rare in stores, however, is highly praised amongst those who use it. 

Cost: 2gp


Halruck Nuts:  Halruck Nuts come from a Halruck plant, a very non-descript bush.  But whenever a seedpod opens up, these bright blue nuts appear.  Too small to measure these small blue nuts have no smell or any other special feature other than their color.  They come in pods of around 40-50, with around 20-30 pods per a push.  The bushes give out the pods during (the 4th and 5th months), and the pods are good for harvesting during that time.  The bushes are found near clear lakes or high up in mountains.  They are commonly eaten by wild animals.  Whenever the Nuts are added to raw meat, after the meat is cooked it will give off a delightful smell, like how a desert smells after it rains.  The food tastes the same, however it is heavily dimmed down, giving the meat a rich taste full of flavor.  The herb itself is rare anytime other than when the seedpods are opened, and a month or two after that.  The seed is a common item used in meats for restaurants and in houses all around the world.

Cost: 3cp


Julni Root:  The Julni plant is a rare plant, only found in old forests.  The plant looks much like a small fern, except for the blue splatter at the tips of its leaves.  Its roots are a bright green.  When used as the ingredient for tea, it gives off the smell of the forest.  People who have never set foot out of the city suddenly find themselves in picturing tall trees and clear streams.  The tea is called Druids Tea, is often drunk by Rangers and Druids in the early morning.  Worshipers of Chani often set boiled water with this root in it in their temples so that they can mediate with the smells of nature all around them.  It is also a favorite of city dwellers, although few can afford it on a regular basis.

Cost: 8gp


Saltseed:  Saltseed is a small seed that comes off the Turntail bush.  Turntail bushes have thin, long, tail-like objects that project from the bush.  The bush is found in plains.  The Saltseed is found on the bush all year round.  They come in small pods that carry around a palm full of these seeds.  The seeds themselves resemble salt, however they taste nothing like it.  In fact they taste like nothing raw.  But when placed on top of warm or hot food, the taste immediately changes to that of sugar.  Many countries that have a large sugar-producing sector have kept this secret, and some have outlawed the import of it.  Few know if its secret, but those that do save a small fortune of sugar.

Cost: 2cp per a pod




Spotted Shroom:  The Spotted Shroom is a very common drug in any sized forest, often with about 50-100 in a small area, although they only grow in clusters.  The Spotted Shroom is about 4 inches tall, and the 'hat' is about 5 inches across.  It is noted for its irregular splotches of varies sizes and color that are spread all around the Shroom.  Whenever ingested raw, the Shroom brings people to a dream like world, where anything is possible. After taking a small amount of these Shrooms, around 2 or 3, the user attains a light addiction to the Shroom.  After going around 6-8 hours with no Shrooms, the user feels a light urge for the drug (Will Save DC 8).  Should the user fail to overcome the urge, he must immediately find another Shroom and eat it.  Should he not find a Shroom, his head begins to pound with pain after around 30 minutes (-2 to AC, attacks, and skills.).  This headache lasts until the user gets another Shroom, or for around 2 weeks.  After so, the user is no longer addicted.  Sometimes users get greater and greater addictions, where it becomes necessary to ingest more and more Shrooms.  The urges at this point become stronger (Will DC 15), but this is the highest known.  This drug, although common, is illegal to sell and buy in most countries.

Cost: 12gp (black market)


Vicky Algae:  Vicky Algae is named after the person, and first known user, Vicky Brolomstein.  Vicky Algae is a dark colored algae, found in most small streams and ponds.  It blends in well with the darkness, and could take a while to find, leading to the thought that is rare.  Actually, they aren't rare at all; they just require a little bit of time to find.  Vicky Algae smells like fish, but when dried and then mashed into a powder, it can be smoked, sniffed, or mixed with other substances to make a powerful drug.  When smoked, about 3 smokes can be made with one 4 inch long piece.  The smell of the smoke is that of fish, however it taste like cheese strangely.  The drug is hugely addictive, and it only takes one to get addicted (Will Save DC 18 to resist urges).  The drug sends the user into a state of peace.  Everything appears blurred, as if the user where going incredibly fast.  But in all cases, the heart, breathe rate, and everything else is going considerably slower.  When Vicky Algae is sniffed the effect is the same, however is even stronger and lasts longer.  When mixed with other substances, it usually only carries the calm effect.  Whenever an urge comes, another amount must be smoked or sniffed.  Although very addictive, it usually only requires a smoke or sniff a day to keep the addiction away.  Whenever not taken, the user gets thrown into a period of uncontrollable fits of spastic activities (-8 to all skill checks,-2 to attack, -2 to damage, -4 to initiative).  This lasts for about 4 hours, where then the drug has worn off.

Cost: 8gp


Sickle Shroom:  Sickle Shroom is named so because of its appearance of sickle.  It's usually an off white, and is found in almost all forests.  Its 'hat' is very small, maybe 1/5 of an inch wide.  Sickle Shroom has no smell, and is rubbery to the touch.  However, if you peel back the rubbery skin, you can fell the soft gooey insides.  These soft insides are meant to be eaten.  Once ingested, major hallucinations begin, although the drug is not overly addictive.  It takes around 5-8 doses to gain an addiction, and this addiction is fairly weak.  The urges are easy to resist (Will DC 5), and most people take by choice.  They see things that happened in their past, much like reliving it.  The drug is used a lot by councilors and detectives.  There are no penalties for not taking the drug, just a mild headache for a few days

Cost: 7sp




Dogberry:  Dogberry is a small brown berry that can be found on Dogbushes.  Dogbushes are located mostly in old forests, where they thrive.  When found, however, they are mostly stripped bare of everything.  Dogberries attracted members of the canine species.  The smell, which humans cannot sense, carries on for miles on end.  It calls for wolves, domestic dogs, etc.  Should a berry be found, it should be wrapped up in gently and kept in something that will block out the smell, or else you might find yourself unable to move as canines follow you everywhere, acting almost lovesick.  The berry causes canines to become docile.  They become friendly and will not attack.  This usually lasts around 20 minutes after the berry is eaten (+2 Cha checks when dealing with the dog).  During this time, animal trainers take and train wild dogs.  Druids and Rangers also use it.  The berry is extremely rare.  People often go to great lengths to get one, and more than one noble has a walled off guarded section filled with trees like these.

Cost: 210gp per berry


Kalli Plant:  Kalli Plant is a small purple plant.  It is found in open fields, often with flowers.  It being purple attracts enough people, but its habit of doing random things to whoever ingests them, making it even more interesting.  When ingested, the plant does one of the following:


(Roll d6)

1. Hair growth increases dramatically

2. Nails grow an inch or two

3. Breath is unnaturally nice

4. Eyes turn to a random other color

5. Teeth become perfectly clean

6. Skin changes color slightly


The Kalli Plant is often thought of as fun.  If used too much (more than 3 times a week), the effects are permanent. Otherwise, the effects normally last about a day or so.


Cost: 75 gp


Redfox:  Redfox is a small plant found in the desert.  It is named that because of the only animal that can eat it and survive, the Red Fox.  Redfox is a small greenish brown plant that grows to a maximum of 7 inches.  They usually grow by themselves, however they constantly sprout spores to reproduce.  Whenever Redfox is squeezed, its juices come out.  The juices look much like water, but, much to the expense of one of the members that discovered it, its not.  The juice immediately enters the blood stream upon entering a wound or by ingestion (Fortitude save DC 20).  As soon as it reaches the heart, it causes it to beat faster and faster, a deadly happening in the desert (Character needs to drink water immediately or suffer from dehydration).  However, it has an ability that makes it useful everywhere.  After it is done with the heart, it follows the blood to the brain, where its victim falls into paralysis for 1d4+1 hours (Secondary damage, DC 20).  The effects take a while, however are very powerful.  Unless harvested, it is fairly hard to come by in non-desert nations.

Cost: 180gp per dose


Sirens Plant:  Sirens Plant is actually a leaf.  It grows on small trees near streams or rivers, called Tulu trees.  The leaves of the Tulu are spotted with blue and red spots.  The leaf secrets a slimy green liquid on its underside.  Whenever this is touched to an open wound, the poison enters the blood stream of the person.  It has only one effect; it causes the loss of the ability to speak (Fortitude save DC 18).  Many assassins who need to kill a spell caster use this, and it has gained the nickname Wizards Bane.  Although illegal in many areas where Wizards or other spellcasters have a large say in the government, it can be found easily enough anywhere.

Cost: 35gp per a dose



By Christian