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Infinite Lands
the Sands of Time


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Nalrock the wizard slowly opened the glass bottle, staring at is shimmering contents.  He set the cork down, and looked around the room, just to make sure he was alone.  There was no one else in the crypt, and the only movement was a striped rat running along the floor.
He took a deep breath, remembering the magical phrase that the elder wizard had told him that activated the sands within the bottle.  No one knew what the sands did, but their power was legendary.  He took a big handfull of the sands, and closed his eyes and muttered, "Alonquinier."
Suddenly the sands rose from his hands and starting spinning brilliantly around him in a cone-shape.  The sands spun faster and faster, and Nalrock had to close his eyes to keep them from spinning.
Then, just as sudden as it started, it stopped.  Nalrock looked around, and was very surprised to see the exact striped rat he had seen earilier, going the exact same way, around the same rocks.  He looked back to the bottle in front of him.  The cork was still on, and everything was exactly the same.  Even the dust was back in its place.  The only difference was there was an inch of sand gone from inside the bottle.  Nalrock looked around again, just to be sure, then grabbed the bottle and ran out of the crypt, thinking of the possibilities.

The Sands of Time are enchanted sands that were mined out of a deep cavern long ago.  The sands, although how they do it is unknown, have the unique ability to control time.
The strength of the sand is governed by the amount of sand used. For every one ounce of sand that is used, you will go back in time one round. Only the user of the sand is able to realize that time has been altered, and all other life continues just as it had before repeating their same actions. Any actions that are repeated as a result of the Sands of Time and require a dice roll are re-rolled, and the user gets a +2 competence bonus to AC against attacks that have already occured, since he or she knows what the enemy is planning.
There are no more sands left in the original cave where they were mined, but there is a rumor that another place where the sands have been found.
Price:  12,000 per ounce

By Mitchell Harris.   Intro by John Kirk