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Infinite Lands
The Borderlands of Banlon Timeline


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Timeline -

            99 years ago-Colonists make a successful colony


            80 years ago-Southern area successful guarded against attack


            78 years ago-First official army raised


            60 years ago-Colonies made in the middle lands


            53 years ago-Colonies attacked in middle lands, most lost


            50 years ago-Successful defense against over 50,000 barbarians


            45 years ago-4 tribes join the colonists


            44 years ago-All known non-allied tribes in the area form alliance against colonists


            40 years ago-James Hallock named first Emperor.  Names the land Banlon


            35 years ago-Guard of the Emperor is created


            33 years ago-Zeenlor forest is penetrated deeply by civilian troops


            30 years ago-Elnor Fortress construction begins


            29 years ago-Northern Currency adopted by Banlon


            28 years ago-First heir to the throne is born, Valroon Hallock


            27 years ago-Battle of the High Peaks begins


            26 years ago-Allied tribes come to aid of Banlon.


            25 years ago-Southern troops come to aid of the northern troops


            24 years ago-Second heir is born, Allen Hallock


            23 years ago-Battle of High Peaks ends; 45,000 Barbarians dead, 55,000 Allied troops


            22 years ago- Third heir is born, Vanessa Hallock


            20 years ago-Elnor Fortress completed


            18 years ago-Siege of Elnor Fortress begins


            16 years ago-Siege of Elnor Fortress ends


            10 years ago-Slavery is officially outlawed


            7 years ago-Trade officially opens up with the outside world


            5 years ago-Laws in the southern cities begin to take effect


            4 years ago-Valroon Hallock has a child, Tellek Hallock


            3 years ago-Death of Valroon Hallock in battle


            1 year ago-Southern lands fully secured

By Fro