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Infinite Lands


Game Items
Quote Vault

"Guide my hands, give them skill. Grant me the knowledge to glorify your name!"

~Prayer to Crell



Major god

Portfolio:  Crafting, inventions, gadgets, smithwork

Symbol:  Two interlocked gears

Alignment:  Neutral

Nicknames:  The Master Crafter, Smith of all Metals

Worshipers:  Blacksmiths, Crafters, Construction workers, gnomes

Domains:  Craft*, Metal*, Knowledge

Favored Weapon:  Hammer (any kind)


Crell and his worshipers can make almost anything.  Give them tools, materials, and their own hands and masterpieces are made.  Crell teaches patience and ingenuity to his clerics.  They learn to apply the rules of building and construction to everyday life.  Crell is well liked among most of the gods and goddesses, and uses his influential word to help his followers flourish.  He respects almost allof the pantheon, and doesnt take sides in any confrontations.


Crells worshipers revere him mostly by dedicating inventions or gadgets to him, and Crell loves to see what the mortal mind can come up with.


Chosen Stats:

+10 Intelligence
Additional 5 craft skills with 8 ranks on them

By Christian Winfield