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Infinite Lands


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"Knowldge, Insight, Wisdom, Inovation. Give me these today my god!"
~Prayer to Islanan
Intermediate God
Portfolio:  Knowledge, wisdom, inovation
Symbol:  Open book with a low candle beside it
Alignment:  Nuetral
Nicknames:  The Old Man, The Bookkeeper.
Worshipers:  Wizards, Doctors, Scholars, Sages
Domains:  Knowledge, Planning
Favored Weapon:  Quarterstaff
Islanan is the god of knowledge. His goals are, and always will be, to get more knowledge. Over the long years, he found that new knowledge could be created with the aid of Crell, the god of crafts. Crell and Islnanan instructed to have their clerics work together so that they may create new items. Clerics of Crell spent their hours laboring and working on the design with Clerics of Islnanan. Isnlanan Clerics spent their house studying and helping with the designs. With the knowledge of things unknown, forgotten, obscure,or things in the past, they two made an excellent team.

Nina, the goddess of the darkness, created a pact with Islanan. In this agreement, Nina would instruct her Clerics and followers to use the weapons and armor given by Islanan, and use them in combat to try them out. Since the majority of Islanan Clerics don't fight, this gave the god and his followers and excellent oppurtunity to watch their handy work.

The god of knowledge despises mindless destruction, as this leads to the destruction of knowledge itself. He opposes Brellek, the god of Barbarians, and Tros, god of the orcs.

To protect his knowledge, huge vaults are kept underneath the main temples of his religion. The vaults contain spells, items, records of people, etc. all stashed away. The security is incredibly high, often with beasts, traps, and weapons that people have never seen before. But the reward is the knowledge of every known thing, and even some that isn't known....

By Christian Winfield