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Infinite Lands


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Oh, Chani, save the peace

Oh, Chani, have mercy

Oh, Chani, protect me

Oh, Chani, please help me

~ Prayer to Chani



Intermediate goddess

Portfolio: Animals, Mercy, Peace, Unity

Symbol: Fawn standing peacefully before a cougar

Alignment: Neutral Good

Nicknames: The Peacekeeper, Lady Wildlife

Worshippers: Druids, Herbalists, Rangers, Wardens

Domains: Animal, Good, Renewal

Favored Weapon: Longspear


Chani, the beautiful goddess of the animals, believes that peace can come between all things, with the balance of nature.   Although she adores and protects all forms of animals, she also understands that it is necessary for food, although she believes that if one kills an animal, one should use as much of it as possible (such as horns/hooves for cups or horns, fur for clothing, etc.).


Chani is young when it comes to deities, and is still learning many aspects of being an immortal.  She sometimes interferes too much with the mortal realm, and other deities must act quickly before too much damage occurs.


Chosen Stats:

+5 Charisma

Merciful Strike: When attempting to deal subdual damage with a weapon, you do not incur the normal 4 penalty.  This is a extraordinary ability.

Calm Emotions at will as a 10th level cleric.