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Infinite Lands


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Lady Mind, feed me power!
~ Prayer to Mareuxeis
Intermediate goddess
Portfolio:  Psionics
Symbol:  A green crystal floating inside a cresent moon
Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral
Nicknames:  Lady Mind, The Great Psy
Worshipers:  Psions, Psychic Warriors, psionic beings
Domains:  Chaos, Knowledge, Psionics
Favored Weapon:  Spear (any kind)
Mareuxeis is a very young and unpredictable diety.  She teaches her followers to be erratic and to always keep their enemies on their toes.  She also views the human mind as the best path to greatness.  Most of her followers are Psions or other psionic beings, such as mind flayers. 
The Lady Mind hates arcane magic to the extent that she tells her worshipers to attack arcane magic users on sight.  She sees arcane magic as too predictable, and weaker than psionics.  Her devout worshipers and clerics are at war with the followers of Gar'nari, the god of Divination and fate.
Mareuxeis can be seen as a beautiful maiden with deep lavender eyes and dark brown hair.  She is always wearing a crown of crystals and weilding a green scepter.

By Ryan Friend and John Kirk