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Infinite Lands
Hallinder Timeline


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190 yrs ago-Belgiron founded

189 yres ago-Nalindar Brilland takes control of Belgiron, begins reign of terror.

187 yrs ago-Telpith founded

180 yrs ago-Hallinder founded

180 yrs ago-Sime Ti founded

180 yrs ago-Nalindar Brilland is slain by Villim Yuni. Reign of mages begins.

179 yrs ago-Gitinith founded

179 yrs ago-The Alliance of the Frontier is created by the Allied states.

176 yrs ago-Alliance legalizes slavery.

176 yrs ago-Over 15,000 tribesmen enslaved.

174 yrs ago-Official economic recognition by the rest of the world.

132 yrs ago-Slave rebellion starts.

130 yrs ago-Slave rebllion put down, over 10,000 slaves died, and 8,000 soldiers. 3,000 civilians died.

104 yrs ago-Barbarians from the north invade.

102 yrs ago-Barbarians driven out in The Battle of Greenplains. 20,000 Barbarians died, 20,000+ soldiers, 8,000 people died.

99 yrs ago-Northern area settled and becomes independent country.

90 yrs ago-Allied States officialy join together.

85 yrs ago-Embargo on Allied Staes supplies. Demand that prices be lowered by the esastern nations.

84 yrs ago-Embargo ends in failure as the nations dissolve in favor of recieving the gold an sliver.

82 yrs ago-Sime Ti claims an additional 100 acres of desert.

77 yrs ago-Gladiator matches begin in capital city, big hit.

70 yrs ago-Gladiator matches banned.

66 yrs ago-Relations with nations that it shares borders to the east skyrocket as the council decides to send 10,000 troops to aid them against southern tribes.

30 yrs ago-Sime Ti claims an additional 50 acres.

15 yrs ago-Mysterious foriegner slays 200 people over a months period.

10 yrs ago-Mysterious foriegner is caught and excuted. Killed 500 more people in the 5 years.

8 yrs ago-More guards recruited as murder rate rises by over 20%.

5 yrs ago-'Dark' religions banned in an attempt to stop the crime rate.

3 yrs ago-Crime rate rises 80%.

1 yr ago-'Dark' religion ban repealed in a 3-2 vote.

3 months ago-Talk of invading the south and taking all the land.

By Christian Winfield