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Infinite Lands
Far'Edan (The Man Hunters)


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Evan looked back at the wagons, nodding to the nearest driver.   The horses were startled, and he had heard from the townspeople back at Morgan not to enter this portion of the wood, for this is Far'Edan territory.  Evan and his group of adventures had thought nothing of it, being confindent in their abilities. 
They were escorting a group of supply wagons through the woods to another human outpost on the other side.  Nothing had gone wrong so far, and they were almost out of the forest.  But, Evan knew danger was near.  He drew his sword and sheild, ready for anything.  He thought.
The next thing he new, he heard screams behind him.  He instinctivly spun around, rushing to help whoever was hurt.  He stopped in his tracks as he saw Michael, his partner, on the ground, four arrows in his chest.  He heard three more screams, and the wagon drivers fell from their posts to the ground.  Before Evan could raise his sheild, he felt a searing pain in his stomach.  He looked down, staring at the three arrows that pierced his heart.
He should have listened to the townspeople.

The Far'Edan, or The Manhunters to non-elves, are a deadly group.  Feared by most non-Wild Elves, this savage group of assasins, rangers, fighters and rogues go to all lengths to exterminate all but the Wild Elves and other natural creatures from the forest. 
They believe that the world has been corrupted by the humans and other races.  They trust none but Wild Elves, and are edgy to say the least with non-Far'Edan. 
The clan itself has no real leader.  Many strong elves rule over a tribe of 2-5 families, and sometimes band together with other tribes to conquer especially large numbers of foes.  They are a fearless bunch, and most fight to the death in any battle they fight in.
Children are brought up with battle training, and little of anything else.  The Man Hunters believe that their job in life is to 'purify' the forest, and that is their goal in life.
When a player would like to play a Far'Edan, he/she must first choose a race other than Elves.  These are the benifits you gain when playing a Far'Edan:
+2 on Wilderness Lore and Track Checks with dealing with chosen race*
+1 to all attack rolls against chosen race.*
These penalties are also implied:
-2 on all Charisma checks when dealing with non-Wild Elves
Must defend the home forest at all costs, no matter what the risk.
*These bonuses don't stack with the Ranger's Favored Enemy special ability

By Ryan Friend and John Kirk